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Shakers, Bottles

Here, you will find ICANIWILL's attractive water bottles and shakers. Our water bottles are 100% leakproof and are stylish in black or white. Our shakers have cone filters for lump-free supplements. They are also dishwasher safe. These too are available in a stylish black or white design. We have a range of high-quality sports bottles that are BPA and DEHP free. Balanced hydration is vital for your workout performance, so check out our range of water bottles and shakers.

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Shaker 500ml Ruby
Shaker 300ml Red
ICANIWILL Shaker 500ml White
Shaker 300ml Black
Water Bottle 750ml Black
Shaker 300ml White
Water Bottle 750ml White
Water Bottle Stainless Steel 500ml Stainless Steel
Shaker 500ml Army Green
Shaker 500ml Yellow
ICANIWILL Shaker 500ml Black
Shaker 500ml Clear Grey
Shaker 500ml Coral
Stainless Steel Water Bottle Black w. Black logo 600ml
Shaker 300ml Blue